- Warranty on all OnePlus 12 months from the date of purchase

- All phones are new, in one batch.

- We do not sell refurbished phones, be careful on other sites you can find a cheaper price but most likely it is a refurbished phone.


Delivery in Dubai and all UAE is free when ordering from  2000 AED, delivery is also free. If your order lower 2000 delivery 30 AED


Exchange and Return

The consumer has the right to exchange / return the non-food product for a similar one from the seller from whom he was purchased, if the product did not satisfy it in shape, dimensions, style, color, size or for other reasons cannot be used for its intended purpose. The consumer has the right to exchange goods of good quality within fourteen days, not counting the day of purchase.

Provided that all factory seals and films are not removed and not damaged and the phone is brand new, box not opened. If you removed films or seals, the phone cannot be turned back.

OnePlus 8 series non refundable

Exchange / return of goods is made:

- if you opened the phone and he has a marriage then you can return the phone with an open box. If you opened the box and everything is fine with the phone, you cannot return it.

- if it was not used;

- if its presentation is preserved;

- if consumer properties, seals, labels, films are preserved;

Goods not subject to return and exchange:

            - headphones after printing and use.

            - Original accessories for mobile phones after opening the original packaging.

            - Mobile phones with signs of use removed by factory films and seals without preserving the presentation of the product or packaging.

   Products of inadequate quality:

- Goods of inadequate quality must first pass the diagnostics in the service center on time and then, based on the conclusion of the service center, a decision will be made about the possibility / possibility of returning or exchanging the product.

Terms, conditions and order of return and exchange:

            - Goods of good quality, subject to all conditions of return / exchange, can be returned or exchanged for similar goods within a period of 14 days to 20 days

            - Goods of inadequate quality must first be diagnosed in the service center within a period of 3 days to 1 month, and then, based on the conclusion of the service center, a decision will be made about the possibility / impossibility of returning or exchanging the product.

Terms, conditions and refund procedure:

            - Funds will be returned to the buyer, within 1-5 business days after the decision on the refund.

            - The courier will pick up the goods for return at the address you specify.

Where to contact in case of warranty repair / return / exchange?

            - You can contact the following contacts:

                        Tel: +971567599156


Transportation costs for return / exchange / repair / diagnostics:

            - All shipping costs free.


Presentation: A new product is sold with factory protective films, this is one of the factors determining the presentation. Open charging, headset, any wiring and battery are covered with protective films. The buyer must remember that damage to these packaging elements is not recommended! There should also be no scuffs or scratches on the product.

Not used: All electronics come with software by default. Check whether the device was used or not, can an authorized service center or manager for the receipt of goods. In case of detection of third-party programs, changes in settings, traces of use (files, photos, notes, videos), the store may use the right to refuse the customer as a violation of this clause.

Seals, labels and settlement documents: This item also refers to the presentation. If during the return you lost some document, information data or broke the seal on the product - the situation will be similar.