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ONEPLUS BULLETS V2 TYPE -C buy  Сопротивление32Ω+/-15%Чувствительность108dB (at 500Hz)Частота20Hz-20000HzМощность20mWРазъемtype CШнур, 1.1M  ..

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 Black

438 AED

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Black buyThe Bullets Wireless 2 are OnePlus' new set of wireless earphones. They follow last year's Bullets Wireless, which, although quite good were hardly ever in stock for people to buy.This year we have the promise of better supply so that should be much less of an issue. But apart from that, there are also a few other ..

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Black

350 AED

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Black buy..

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