1. Is it possible to return the phone within 14 days from the date of purchase?

Yes, you can, but at the same time the phone must be in good condition, that is, the phone box should not be damaged, all accessories, cable covers should not be scratched and damaged, the phone itself should be without damage and the slightest chips and scratches from operation. Factory films should not be removed from the phone or scratched, scratched / damaged, the phone should be without visible signs of operation (dirt, scratches, abrasions). That is, when returning, the customer must return the product in exactly the same condition as it was sold.

2. What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers factory defects in the product, or a sudden loss of operation of the device. In this case, the phone should be without mechanical damage and moisture in the device. More information in the warranty card.

             How does return / exchange / service work for items purchased at the store?

For exchange / return / warranty service, you must contact the store manager at the phones specified in the contacts section. The manager will accept your application and send you the details of the new mail for sending the goods for diagnosis to our service center. After the diagnosis of the product (usually 3-5 working days from the date of receipt of the product), we will notify the buyer of the results of the diagnosis and the measures taken. We always try to meet our customers, and carry out diagnostics in the shortest possible time. When making decisions, we are always on the buyer's side. Please pay attention to our policy of returning goods, for our customers we provide only goods in factory packaging, we do not sell opened goods, or goods after return, if the product nevertheless returned to our store with opened packaging for some reason, it’s coming markdown depending on the factors of damage to the packaging at the discretion of the manager.

4. What is the product warranty?

For mobile phones, the warranty is 1 year. For accessories, headphones, power banks, the warranty is 14 days. All goods, namely accessories, are delivered in their original packaging.

 What is the difference between the version of the GM1910 and GM1913?

Starting with the OnePlus 5 model, a global radio module is installed on all devices.

Specifically, there is no difference between the OnePlus 7 pro CN (GM1910) radio module and the OnePlus 7 pro GB (GM1913) radio module. Connectivity specification section from the official website:

GM1910 - https://www.oneplus.com/cn/7pro?from=head#/specs

GM1913 - https://www.oneplus.com/uk/7pro?from=head#/specs

The only difference will be in the plug. For GM1910 - flat plug + complete adapter, for GM1913 European plug.

All devices have Oxygen global firmware. The firmware is updated by air, the full performance of NFC (andoroid pay).